Our Philosophy

35Stars is about team building in a fun environment.

We like to mix things up a little !

The players are doing things they’ve never done before with teammates  who are in the exact same position.  They can see others in a new light, and get to know each other a little better.

The mix of physical and mental challenges are designed to include people of all skills and personalities. We believe that a diverse group of skills and personalities benefits a team. Primarily we are individuals, but we are required to operate in teams in sport, work and many other aspects of life.             It’s the cocktail of this diversity, plus communication and how we treat each other that makes a team truly great.

And of course there has to be fun.   As we like to say in 35Stars it’s no fun without fun.




The Games

All the games are designed to encourage participation and cooperation, so everyone finds themselves getting involved.

There are 6 games to play and players can score 1-5 stars per game.  These are called game stars. There are also 5 bonus stars that are given out to the teams when they are seen displaying some of the traits we are trying to encourage.

So what do we try and encourage?

This is decided by the person organising the session, or it can be left up to the players who will be asked what they think are the most important things that make a team great.

Here's a short list of the type of things that we're talking about.

  • Communication
  • Discipline
  • Inclusiveness
  • Trust
  • Cooperation
  • Commitment
  • Spirit
  • Positivity
  • Focus
  • .........................the list goes on

So let's  get playing.