What we do is simple and fun.

We talk a little about team-work; everyone divides into teams of 4 or 5; we play a circuit of games; the players compete to win 35 stars, and everyone has a lot of fun.

The games are designed by us to encourage participation and team-work. Quite simply you won’t be able to complete the games unless there is co-operation.

The games are suitable for most people but do require some agility. We can discuss this with you.
We set up in your place of work or at your conference venue. It’s ideal for breaking up a day of listening to speakers. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Up to 40 players can partake in a session that takes about 1½ hours.
Read what other corporate customers have to say………..

Testimonial:  Dr. Eleanor Walsh.

“Really enjoyed the activities organised by Paul and his team at 35

Stars. They were novel and interesting, with a nice balance between team work and individuality. It was a great way for me to get to know new colleagues outside of the work place. It was easy going, with a bit of competition thrown in. Loved it!”


Testimonial: Celine McGrath.

“Great fun and valuable team building experience.

Testimonial: Louise Casey.

“I found the 35 Stars Team Building event a very positive and engaging event. The activities brought out skills and strengths

I didn’t realise I had. It encouraged great team work and communications. I found Paul and his team to be very professional and motivational.”


Testimonial: Laura Mannion.

“Over the years, I have been to lots of team building days and this one topped the lot! It had the perfect mix of physical and

mental challenges and it definitely made us step out of our comfort zones, while being encouraged by Paul and his team. As a result, everyone had a great time and we got to know each other better, which was especially important to me as this was my first team away-day with BITC!”


Testimonial: Orla O’Dwyer.

“35 Stars provided us with a fun way to get to know our colleagues better and build mutual trust. I feel the exercise helped me

get to know people better and understand how they work and approach problems.  I really enjoyed the session and felt it also helped me see what a great group of people I work with.”


Testimonial: Fedelma O’Farrell.

“Great fun, really got everyone engaged”