A group of 12 – 30 players can be accommodated in one session.

One session lasts aprox. 1 ¼ hours 

Pricing starts at €300 + vat for 2 sessions in a  3 hour period.

4 sessions in a 6 ½ hour period starts at €500 + vat.


The closer you get to 30 players per session the cheaper it gets per player.

If you need to hire a hall you will have to take that into consideration also.


Guide to cost per player                     Outdoors or with your own hall.    

Based on 60 players  (2 sessions)                  €6.15                      

Based on 120 players (4 sessions)                 €5.15                       

*Prices include vat@23%



The games, for minors (under 18’s),  require a certain level of supervision.

We can discuss this with you to work out a package to suit your needs.

The prices above are basic rates with minimum supervision.