Transistion Year Leadership Programme

  • All TY and 1st year students complete a circuit of 6 fun games specially designed to teach the value of teamwork.
  • First year students get to have fun in randomly chosen groups, and barriers are broken as the students mix and have fun.
  • 8 TY student coaches are selected to conduct sessions with 1st year students, with valuable practical experience in team leadership, coaching, and media production.
  • Continuous group assessment and communication exercises help to build the TY team.
  • Team building coach certificates are issued to this team of 8.

How it works…

We come to your school and set up in your hall, or outdoors if the weather permits.

Day 1: 2 - 3 sessions of team building games with the TY classes
Training with selected group of TY students

Day 2/3: TY students lead and conduct sessions with 1st year students